icSSL by Innovative Concepts

I want to talk to someone

  • call 805-545-9562 and ask for someone in support

How do I export / backup my certificate?

  • Go to Start->Run mmc
  • File->Add/Remove Snap In
  • Choose Certificates
    • Choose "My User Account" for Email Certificates
    • Choose "Local Computer" for Website Certificates
  • Press OK, all the way out
  • Open the first item, then the first item again, then personal, then click on certificates from menu on left
  • Right click on the certificate
  • All Tasks -> Export
  • Use all defaults, except
    • Yes, export the private key
    • Give it a password you will remember
  • Save this file to your desktop
  • Close mmc

OK, I got my email certificate, now what do I do?

  • In most email applications, you are already done.  At this point you are able to digitally sign any outgoing email.
  • Outlook allows you to digitally sign an individual email or to digital sign all by default.  

How do I import my email certificate to another computer?

  • Email the key you exported, per above directions, to yourself or copy to a USB key, etc.
  • Open the file
  • Use all defaults, except:
    • Mark this key as exportable
  • You will still need to configure your email program to use the email certificate

How do I use my email certificate on a windows mobile smartphone that uses Microsoft Exchange?

  • First, Import key per above directions
  • Open Exchange inbox
  • menu -> tools -> options
  • Choose Exchange account
    • Keep clicking next until you see the Contacts, E-Mail, Calendar, and Tasks shown
    • Click Email once, leaving it checked
    • Click Advanced
    • Check to sign all outgoing email messages
    • Choose Certificate
  • Press OK all the way out

I heard that I can encrypt my email, how?

  • Most email applications these days understand what to do with secure certificates.  Once you have received an email with a certificate, your computer now knows that you can potentially send encrypted email back.
  • If you have a certificate and you receive an email from someone who included a certificate, you simply have to check "encrypt" on a reply.  Most email applications have this in options.

My Recipient sees a strange attachment when I email them with my secure certificate included, why?

  • Your recipient is using an application that does not understand email security.  They can ignore the attachment.

What is SSL?

  • SSL does two things for you. 
    • First, it ensures that the website you are viewing is actually the website you want.  If the URL says www.mybank.com you can be certain that you are actually viewing www.mybank.com. 
    • Secondly, information transmitted to and from your machine all the way to the server hosting that website is encrypted.

What is a CSR?

  • A CSR is a string that begins the process of securing your website. 
  • This information is used to generate the SSL certificate that will be used by your users.